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Hit And Miss

"Hit and Miss" Fencing - Available now

We recently completed a job where the client was in need of a specific fence. The job was located in Frinton On Sea, where they weather can both be sunshine and rainbows, or stormy winds. The property was placed right on the seafront, and had previously had Trellis panels so that the light and wind could pass through into their garden. However this came with the drawback of limited privacy. Gentry-Brown Landscapes took to the drawing board and came up with an improved "Hit and Miss" fencing design perfect for the task at hand.

The fence panels are constructed from vertical timbers which are aligned with a minimal gap, with an identical panel laid on the other side, covering up the gaps. The best way to explain this is a double-sided picket fence. This means that when the panels are looked at from straight in front, you cannot see through. However, turn to a 45 degree angle, and you can see a gap perfect for letting light and air through. This fence design also means it is strong and can easily withstand years upon years of strong winds from the seafront.

The clients were very pleased that they were able to enjoy their garden and their privacy in a cool and light environment.